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towel qualities

Nifty fiber – making use of the most versatile variety of cotton, aquaunique towels are designed to handle mixed use in everyday situations. The aquaunique towel can be used as a towel, a mat, a wiping cloth, a dress, a wrap cloth for children, the list is practically endless!

Quality– we have put out a guarantee to all our customers (and those aspiring to be) that our aquaunique towels are of the highest ever quality, and this is a trait that we urge our customers to see to believe.

Tassel making – in traditional Turkey, women hand tie aquaunique towels to make their item of culture – the tassel. This longstanding piece of antiquity is what distinguishes a Turkish woman from any other, and here at aquaunique towels, we have returned the favor by making a towel that further distinguishes a Turkish woman in style!

Lightweight –weighing only about 300g in dry weight, the aquaunique towel is the ultimate king of the light towels.

Adaptability in Fashion – harboring the ability to be transformed from a towel to a dress, the aquaunique towel is the go-to towel for the ladies at the beach or indoors.

Cotton purity - aquaunique towels are 100% pure, authentic, handpicked, high quality cotton, that has undergone numerous quality tests for certification, including the fiber length, thickness, moisture content, foreign matter content, and fiber fineness to ensure that our customers get only the best.

Speedy drying - aquaunique towels are built to take in a load of water, but at the same time lose it to the atmosphere at almost the same rate. 

Supreme softness – the aquaunique towel is known and therefore preferred by many for one property – it is softer than you would expect any towel to be!

Compactness– the portability of our range of towels is a major selling point – the aquaunique towel allows you to fold it up to achieve much greater dimensional contractions that allow for easier carrying.

Colorfulness– this is our major selling point – we have a very wide range of aquaunique towels whose use befit the design in most cases.

Absorbency – the aquaunique towel can be mistaken for an ordinary wrap around scarf or cloth, but it is made with an absorbency rate that is simply astound- ing. The aquaunique towel can soak up to around 4 times its own weight!

Design cues – our products have a unique design, and any fan of our towels can bear attestation to that. We strive to make our products are structurally and visually different as we possibly can. This is our ultimate trademark.

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