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Basics & Tips

Hand-Loomed Jacquard

aquaunique towels are made of 100% natural Fibers with strong color fastness. The fibers are then weaved in jacquard looms and specifically washed in ekoteks-certified dye house without squeezing the fibers. Our master Taylors take the responsibility to sew and cut the products carefully with hand shears.

Did you know?

  • Did you know, that the production capacity for hand-loomed towel is 15 per day!
  • Did you know that aquaunique towels are 100% free of inorganic chemicals?
  • Did you know that these are the archaic version of modern towels?
  • Did you know that these unique and soft materials are handwoven?  Most of our products are made by traditional Turks with the knowledge, skills and love for the tradition.
  • Did you know that our products are prewashed?
  • Did you know that Turkish towel can also be made of Silk? A silk Turkish towel is called a Fouta.
  • Did you know that Turkish towels have been in use for more than half a millennium?

Jacquard Towels

Aqua unique linens are produces carefully in order to capture the timelessness and to make them discerning by using an age old tradition to offer a uniquely Aegean experience. We ensure the towels remain softer for longer without the use of fabric softeners.

Style – Our designs and patterns are rich in tradition making them stand out.

Beauty – We value the Mediterranean lifestyle. Hence, we use only the finest cotton and color in order to observe respect and reflect its vibrancy.

Practicality – Our collection is sustainable, lightweight and functional. The Turkish towel tradition has been proven to be highly absorbent, soft, and lightweight.

Care Instructions

You can safely machine wash them in cool water about 30˚C to 40˚C.
Tumble dry on a medium heat. We also recommend the use of fresh water without fabric softener or bleach.
Your towels will become softer and more absorbent with each machine wash.

Before First Use

To maximize absorbency and softness, we recommend that you soak your towels in cold water for half a day, then dry.

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